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Asian Theme Party Ideas

Asian parties are filled with tradition, rich colors and good food. You can’t go wrong with an Asian party and we have a few Asian theme party ideas to help get you started. All you need are the rich Asian colors of deep red, yellow and black, along with lanterns hanging all around your venue. The most important part is the Chinese Dragon, a symbol of the Chinese empires. The dragon represents power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it. Have fun at your next party and celebrate the Asian traditions!

Asian Table Decorations

Table Decorations:

The main event at your party is the table. Asian culture is very intricate and devoted to making their table design perfect. Do the same with your tables! In order for your table to look like the picture below follow these simple directions and add anything that will give it a little personal flare.

  • Start by laying down a White Tablecover. Then lay our Printed Asian Table Runner down the center of the table to add a little Asian decoration. Use our Chinese New Year Dinner Plates for your tableware. The red, black and gold colors are classic to the Asian theme along with the Chinese dragon in the middle of the plate.
  • Lay a pack of Wooden Chopsticks on top of the plate at every place setting. Every person loves to attempt to use the sticks in order to eat their food but, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have regular cutlery as well for the less experienced chopstick users. Because people like to eat their food in a timely manner!
  • Scatter some of the Chinese Good Luck Coins around the table as well. You can’t have an Asian themed table without a Asian Take Out Box. Place one at every seat. Consider putting a fortune cookie or the guests party favors in this box. These can also be part of the party favors once the guests are done eating.

Asian Take Out Box

Hanging Decorations:

When you think about an Asian themed party one thing comes to mind, Paper Lanterns. The lantern tradition has been around for ages. Back in year 25, the Chinese used the lanterns as street lights but are used to signify a peaceful life while the lanterns illuminate symbolizes the prosperity, power and strength of the country.

We have a wide variety of lanterns to choose from. Hang these above your tables and/or around the venue at different length to add a little depth to your decorations. We have authentic Decorated Chinese Lanterns that represent the true Asian spirit. Use our plain paper lanterns to accent the rest of your decorations. Along with these, we have an Asian Lantern that lights up and looks like it is straight out of a Chinese restaurant.

Decorated Chinese Lanterns

Wall Decorations:

If you are having an Asian Theme Party, Then you must stick to the traditional look of the Asian culture. The last tough for your decorating is our Asian Cutouts. We have a Chinese Dragon Cutout and Printed Foil Asian Cutouts. Place theme different designs all around your venue to add a little extra detail.

Jointed Dragon


Your entertainment should match your party theme. So for a simple Asian theme party have paper origami. Have the guests learn how to precisely fold the paper into cool animals and shapes in the true Asian spirit. There is no other culture that is as detail oriented and intricate as the Asian’s. So this activity is perfect for your celebrations and can be used for any age group!


For a true Asian themed party, you must have food from that culture or region. Sushi is a big part of the Asian culture, but some people do not care for the sushi taste. If this is the case or you are looking for a fun dessert idea make sushi candy. The basis is rice Krispy treats. Put Swedish Fish or your other favorite candy in the middle and wrap the rice Krispy treat around it. Top it off, by wrapping a fruit roll up around the outside. These desserts will be a hit for the younger kids! You can also serve egg rolls, rice and other Asian food to give your party the Asian flavor.