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Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

The Iphone game sensation has turned into a popular party theme over the years. Itís won numerous awards since its inception for its technological successes, but the notoriety of the game has expanded well past just handheld devices. Angry Birds birthday parties are all the rage and PartyCheap has the Angry Birds party supplies you want and need! Itís time to start putting together a high flyiní, [not too] destructive, awesomely fun celebration!

Whatís an Angry Birds party without the food and proper tableware? PartyCheap has Angry Birds Lunch Plates and Beverage Napkins that will add the exciting theme to the food and drink table. Not only do the plates have many popular characters on them, but they will be extremely useful at this celebration. They areAngry Birds Lunch Plates great looking, the guests will love them and they are just as easy on your wallet as they are the eyes. Usually the birds are the ones aiming to destroy things, but at the food/drink table, let them do the holding and the cleaning for once!

Whether the birthday bash is inside or outside, adding color is a must. Purchase the Solid Color Latex Balloons, pick the color(s) of the balloons and start setting them up all around the venue. With all the different colorful characters in the wildly popular game series, printing out the faces of the characters and pasting them to these solid color balloons is a creative option. Itís a great way to get an accurate representation of the gameís characters without paying the extra amount to get balloons with the character already on the balloon. With all the characters around, the guests will feel as if they are in the actual game!

Need an Angry Birds birthday party idea to help entertain the guests during the bash? Grab some old shoe boxes, varying sizes of cardboard boxes, spray paint, cheap rubber balls of different sizes (mostly green, some red) and paint/printable faces of the characters. With the aforementioned items, you can make your own level for the guests to try to beat! Set up the boxes however you want, put the balls in strategic locations and let the kids throw bean bags to try to beat the level! After that, you can let the guests create their own level. This is sure to be a hit and will have them entertained for hours on hours!

Angry Birds TattoosWhen itís time for the celebration to come to an end, the guests will want to be able to take some cool stuff home with them. Send them home with some Angry Birds Tattoos and Blowouts. These would also be great to give some to them during the party, especially since the blowouts would be fun to add some noise during the celebration. The tattoos will be a hit, especially since everyone will be dying to get their favorite character on their skin. Donít worry, the tattoos are non-toxic and they are very easy to apply/remove.

There is a lot of creative leeway with this type of event, but is your destination to have quality supplies at your party without breaking the bank. If you want more Angry Birds party ideas, check this link out. It provides many other ideas for an event like this, including entertainment, invitations, food, etc. Now that you have some ideas pertaining to different facets of this birthday bash, itís time to bring everything to fruition and get started!