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80's Theme Party Ideas

Ah, the 80’s. If you were a young kid, you were probably enamored by Nintendo’s GameBoy, Nintendo’s NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), a Rubix cube or hit movies like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Star Wars. If you were a bit older, horror movies like The Shining and The Thing rendered you scared for weeks. Maybe you’re a product of the 80’s, or maybe you wish you were. Nevertheless, it’s time to throw a 1980's theme party! PartyCheap has a ton of great 1980's decor, so let’s get started!

Let your guests know where the party is by dressing the door with the Totally 80’s Door Cover! The cover is Totally 80's Door Coverdecorated with characters from hit arcade games Pac Man and Asteroids. The cover measures 30 inches wide by five feet long and is made of an all-weather poly material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. When your guests show up to the door and they see this cover, they know exactly what’s going to be going down on the other side. The door cover is totally rad and will start this party off right!

The 80's were all about groovy boomboxes right? Well, that sparks the next 80's theme party idea! The Inflatable Boombox Cooler is a must have at your party. Not only will this cooler be great for keeping drinks cold, but the nostalgia factor is unparalleled. This will give you flashbacks of when you used to see people carrying a boombox on their shoulder. Hey, maybe you were even one of them! The cooler can hold 48 12-ounce cans.The cooler measures 24 inches wide by 16 inches high and doesn’t take very long to inflate.

Another neat 1980's party idea to implement at your party is live musical performances. With that in mind, get the Glittered Microphone to take your performances to the next level. Lip Sync like you were actually on stage performing in front of thousands of people. The ten-inch long microphone has a glittery mouthpiece to add a little spice. Have a few of these at the party so your guests can break into a musical performance when his/her favorite song of the 80's comes over the speakers!

Hmm… What to wear to an 80's party... PartyCheap has you covered! Break out your bright colored clothing and of course, get yourself a pair of Shutter Shades. Each package contains a pair of shutter shades that could be blue, pink, purple or green. You are most likely going to get at least one package with your favoriteShutter Shades color with all the shades you’re going to need! When the party is over, your guests can take their pair home with them as a keepsake from the rockin’ 80's party you threw!

You’re going to need other forms of entertainment at this party other than the lip sync battles. Struggling to think of any other forms of entertainment? Click here. That link will give you ideas on what to wear, what music to play, fun games and 80's party decorations. If the party is done right, everyone will have a groovy time and will be overwhelmed by nostalgia. A throwback to the golden days for many, so make this party a complete blowout that everyone will enjoy. You are going to have a ton of fun planning this party and PartyCheap wants to be in on the fun! Click the green “Shop Now” button below and let the nostalgia begin!