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70s Party Ideas

Do it! Do it! Do the hustle! Let’s take this party back to the groovy era! Make each guest “feel tha funk” as they enter the party. Break out the disco balls, this isn’t a 70s theme party without the disco! Do your guest a solid by giving them the disco fever by presenting them with Disco Ball Beads or a variety of 70s party supplies. Make sure to feature plenty of disco balls in your decorating, so that there are no questions about what decade we are celebrating! PartyCheap is stylin' with 70s party ideas to make you the man! So be there or be square!

It’s time to take back and transform your living room or any room with Disco Backdrops and Disco Silhouettes covering the walls. Use our Lava Lamp Party Tape to rope off an area for boogin’. Next hang Disco Balls from the ceiling in the main room of your party or above the dance floor! Have totally rad lava lamps flowing all over the room. These would make awesome centerpieces at your 70s disco party! Anything from flower power to shimmering like dynamite will make this party totally rad and PartyCheap has a plethora of 70s decorating party ideas!

All you foxy ladies, dust off those bell bottoms and floral blouses! Grab big chunky heels and a belt. And of course everyone knows you must feather your hair like Farrah Fawcett! Now for the dudes, it’s leisure suit time! Just when you thought you would never wear it again, well this is your chance to peel out baby! Ladies and Gents, use your pick to get that big afro-like hair and for you gentleman, comb your mustache! Loookin’ Good cats! Pick up a babe on the way in an 1969 Ford Mustang or a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Catch ya on the flip, sugaa!

Still not feeling 70s enough? Pass out hippy beads to all your guest! Make it rain glow sticks when the day turns to night. How can we forget mood rings and silly putty? Wear mood rings to let others know how you are feeling and create a laugh with silly putty as it makes weird noises when you put it back in the jar! If you feel extra ambitious, turn this regular party into a roller blading party! Let’s get this party bumpin' with music! Whether it’s Neil Diamond, Billy Joel or Bob Seger, your guest will be sure to have a good time! Disco all night long and freak out! Can ya dig it?

After all that dancing and roller blading, your guest are sure going to need to grub! Be an ace of a host by

making sure all your guest are treated like cool cats by serving them snacks. Use your earth tone tupperware to serve deviled eggs, jiffy popcorn and bugles. For the main course have three different fondue pots. Once for cheese, oil and chocolate! Serve bread to dip with the cheese, meat with the oil and fruit with chocolate! Salad bars were also very popular in the 70s because there were so many options and everyone could make their own salad. Give out everyone’s favorite candy, Pop Rocks! Use disco plates and disco lunch napkins that looks just like the dance floor! Of course don't forget you need some disco ball coasters for each guest to rest their tang or harvey wallbanger drinks!

This era was all about loving each other with peace and harmony. PartyCheap has so many 70s theme party ideas to give all your guest disco fever! So jam out to Aerosmith and The Eagles while dressed like Charlie’s Angels and John Travolta! Don’t eat too many brownies, if ya know I mean! Peace, Love and Rock & Roll, Baby!