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50s Party Theme Ideas

Are you looking for 50's party theme ideas or how to decorate for a 50's theme party? Well fortunately has all of the 50s decorations and accessories you need to rock the night away. The fifties theme is a great idea for reunions and retirement parties now that so many people that grew up in the 1950s are ready to kick back and relax. But the 50s party theme is just as rocking for kids as well. The classic 50s diner, the soda shop, classic cars, and good old rock n roll will never go out of style and make for a fun party theme for office parties, school dances, and even the prom!

Inflatable Jukebox

And the drive-in was such a popular event so add some Drive-In removable wall signs, which you can customize with the name of your event or write in the name of the man or woman of the hour. Use some 50s themed street signs to line your hallways to guide your guests to your makeshift drive in. Of course once you get inside the drive-in restaurant the focal point was the jukebox that would belt out the rock n roll tunes and where Fonzie was always able to seem to get a free play.

We have several jukebox decorations for you to choose, from a three foot tall jukebox cutout to a jukebox centerpiece and even an inflatable jukebox decoration. The jukebox is such a strong 50s icon you can go wrong using it too many places at your party. Use the jukebox to tie your drive-in 50s theme together by using it as a decoration on the walls and by serving up some drive-in meals on the Jukebox paper plates. Keep your food simple with hot dogs and hamburgers with lots of French fries and of course top it off with a classic soda which brings us to our next 50s niche, the Soda Shop.

50s Soda Shop

The concept of the soda shop wasn't invented in the 50s, but it will forever be linked to it. If you want to totally immerse your 50s guests into a soda shop theme you could totally cover your walls up with the Soda Shop Scene Setter. This lightweight plastic sheeting is light enough to be held in place with tape or even pins and it can be cut with scissors to fit around doorways, light switches and anything else that may be on your walls. You have two different 50s options with this Soda Shop background. The top half (the top four feet) we recommend you use the checkered backdrop which resembles a real 50's style design!

For the lower four feet on the wall we recommend that you use the 50's Soda Shop Backdrop which is a pink soda bar with blue and white checkered tiles on the floor. You could also use our Neon Border to make it even more realistic! Again, these backgrounds can easily be place on the wall and bent around corners, columns, or anyplace you want to totally transform into a 50s soda shop. We even have a 50s room border that could extend your 50s wall decorations up to 10 feet tall when used over the top of the Soda Shop scene setter. Finally, decorate your guests tables with soda shop centerpieces or a giant 14 inch art-tissue soda shop sundae centerpiece.

The Sock Hop

Ever been to a sock hop? Well you dont have to admit it aloud but according to some people around here a sock hop was a dance typically held at a school where they actually made you remove your shoes so you wouldn't scuff up the gymnasium floor. If you have been to one, including a sock hop at your event is sure to be nostalgic. Our 50's theme cutouts brings back images of classic figures like our jointed greaser and our jointed carhop. Some of the most iconic sock hop clothing was the pink poodle skirt. Combine the skirt with a Pink Chiffon Scarf for the women and perhaps a faux black leather jacket for the men and you look like you are ready to dance the night away. If you are looking for a fun Sock Hop party activity why not have a 50s lip-sync contest with the help of the glittered microphone that will make anyone feel like they are a rock n roll star.

Rock n Roll

Fifties music in many circles is as popular now as it was back them. With many songs sparking their own dance moves the rock n roll theme is the core foundation for many 50s theme parties. One of the most instantly recognizable icons of a rock n roll party is the plastic black record. We have a couple of different types of record decorations to choose from. You can use the large plastic record as a wall decoration or hang it on the doors to let people know they have come to the right place to Party Round the Clock. We also carry smaller 9 inch records that can be used as hanging decorations if you attach a string or place them strategically around your banquet as table decorations. We have a plastic record centerpiece that includes its own center stand.

Elvis Decprations

To make a truly memorable rock n roll party theme pick up some of our customizable peel n place records which you can customize by writing in your guests names. Once you fill in their names with a black marker you can place them on any smooth surface to make in look like they wrote their own record or even were so popular their record went GOLD. Decorate you room with any of our dozens of music note decorations and sprinkle some music note confetti on each table to tie it all together. And of course you can't have a 50's music theme without some decorations of the KING, Elvis Presley. Rock out with this inflatable guitar and be just like Elvis! The King was a legend in the 50's, but that doesn't mean you can't make him relevant now! Throw on some "Jailhouse Rock" or some "Blue Suede Shoes" and let your inner Elvis Presley shine!

50's Party Ideas

Just remember that when planning your 50s theme party you can tie any of these sub-themes together. From rock n roll, to the drive-in, to the hop, you cant go wrong with the classic jukebox, records, and music notes to make your 50s party theme go from an idea to a successful party. No matter what kind of 50's party ideas you might have we have got you covered right here! So party with us! We're and we know how to party!