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1920's Party Ideas

1920s party ideas

Flappers, foxtrots, and fancy cars! The Roaring 20ís were all about carefree living and a lavish lifestyle. Throw a party reminiscent of gangsters like Al Capone and worthy of extravagant characters like Gatsby. Recreate this period in history with our 1920ís party decorations!


Start decorating for your 1920ís party outside! Transform your house into a hidden speakeasy or secret mobster meeting point. Hang this Speakeasy Sign outside your door, and ask each guest for the secret password. Warn outsiders to stay out with a Haunted Door Cover - tape this thin plastic cover to your door and only the bravest will enter! Hang this 6 foot tall Jointed Lamppost on the other side of the door, and your house will look like it came right out of an old gangster movie!

For your 1920ís theme party, embrace the mobsters, flappers, and jazzy lifestyle. Cover your walls with this Brick Wall Backdrop and create a dingy, dark alleyway scene that is seen so often in movies. Use these Gangster Props and create your very own scene along the backdrop. Cut the flapper and gangster out of the thin, plastic material, then arrange them to your liking. You could even add this Gangster Car Cutout, which looks like its fresh from a shoot-out, riddled with bullet holes. Use these Gangster Street Sign Cutouts and give every room a different name! Make one room the Flapper Lounge, make the bar the Gangster Speakeasy, and the dancefloor Bugsyís Jazz Club! Donít forget these Jazz Trio Silhouettes - after all, jazz was the soundtrack to the twenties, and loved by gangsters and flappers alike.


Of all the decorations, the best are the ones you can wear, make the roaring 20ís come alive with costumes from the era! These party ideas will be fun for everyone! Ladies, wear a flashy dress with fringes and sequins. Add a Flapper Headband to accentuate the short, stylish hairdos of the 20ís. Wear either Black or White Evening Gloves and carefully hold this Flapper Cigarette Holder between your fingers. Never get caught unarmed: your last accessory should be a Gun and Holster Garter - perfect for any spur of the moment shootout. Gentlemen, grab your sharpest suit and tie, and donít forget to accessorize. Add Black Suspenders over your shirt, and wear a Black Velour Fedora to complete the outfit.

Party Favors

As the party winds down, we have one more 1920ís party idea for you: give each of your guests a fun party favor they can take home in true gangster style. Our Gold Bar Favor Boxes are perfect for the occasion. Stuff these 3 inch long boxes full of candy or other fun party favors that fit the theme, like these Black Musical Notes Beads.

With all of these 1920ís party decorating ideas, your speakeasy will easily be the hottest joint in town! Transform your home into a gangster hideout in a few simple steps, then transform yourself into a character right out of the Roaring 20ís with the help of!

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