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Jack-O-Lantern Hanging Decoration

Party Cheap Items

  •  Vintage Pumpkin Cutouts
  • Orange Crepe Streamer
  • Golden Yellow Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer
  •  Red Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer

Additional Items

  • hole punch
  • white ribbon
  • tape

How To

Gather two Vintage Pumpkin Cutouts  and place them on top of each other. Using the hold punch, punch one hole on both sides of the pumpkins near the middle. Use the white ribbon to hold the two pumpkins together, and them tape the pumpkins to create a 3-D look. Once the pumpkins are taped use the Orange Crepe Streamer , Golden Yellow Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer , and Red Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer  and tape the streamers to the inside of the pumpkins.