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Jungle Party Supplies & Decorations

Throw your own Jungle theme party with Party Cheap's supplies and decorations. ... More Info
Create a fun and enjoyable jungle atmosphere at your next birthday party, farewell party, or vacation bible school into a Jungle. You can even turn your room into a jungle too with the Jungle Insta-Theme. We have everything you need to turn your Jungle Party into a smashing hit! If you like monkeys take a look at the Monkey Whirls (5/pkg), the Jungle Monkey Party Canopy, or the Monkey Pop-Over Centerpiece or other monkey party supplies. We encourage you to browse through all of our jungle theme party supplies below.

Jungle Theme Party and Decorating Ideas

Jungle Party Decorations Invite some guests to a Jungle Theme Party and see if they don't start acting like a bunch of monkeys. If you are looking for a unique party idea, try a jungle party theme. This party theme is fun because you can do fun party activities like a scavenger hunt, or take some pictures with the Jungle Couple Photo Prop. Also, you need to think about whether you want to have your Jungle Party inside or outside. If your backyard isn't a jungle already, take your party inside and turn your room into a Jungle with the Jungle Insta-Theme.

Give your guests something to wear during your Jungle Party like the White Plastic Pith Helmet. This helmet was made famous by the British expedition troops that went exploring around the world. The original pith helmets were actually made of part of a tree known as the pith. They were used because they were lightweight and would hold moisture to keep your head cool. Our pith helmets are only for play; but, at this low price, all of your jungle party guests can have one. We also have a straw safari hat that works great as a beach hat. Serve your guests on Jungle patterned plates and napkins. We also have Jungle party hot and cold cups. If you want to really impress your guests serve them drinks with a paper Party Parasol pick. They were originally designed to keep your drink cool in the shade, but they are mostly just for looks.

Decorate your walls with our Zoo Animal cutouts. Each package includes four different cutouts and is printed on both sides. You can simply hang them on your wall or put a string through the top to turn it into a hanging decoration. Decorate your room with Raffia Table Skirting that you can wrap around almost any size table. Add a table top tiki torch and some plastic coconut cups and you have an official jungle theme party.

Safari Theme Party Ideas

To most people, a safari party is the same as a jungle theme party. That is essentially true, its just that technically a safari is an adventure that takes place in Africa. However, the term safari can also be applied to the general term of a journey or adventure. For example, it would be possible for you to have an Arctic Safari. Whatever kind of adventure you are planning on taking, we hope you use to help you plan for your safari theme party!