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Ice Cream Balloons

Party Cheap Items:

  • Pink Latex Balloons (N12211)
  • White Latex Balloons (N12202)

Additional Items:

  • Brown Construction paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon or string
  • Helium (optional)

How To

To create these sweet treat ice cream balloons simply start by either blowing up the balloons with air or helium. Once you have done so, tie them off and then move to creating the cones. Take the brown construction paper and take the paper long ways. Role the paper into a cone shape so that the point of the cone doesn't have a hole at the tip of it. Then take the cone shape in the back on the line and in the inside. Next, take scissors and cut around the the top of the paper making the cone even all the way around the top. Then take the balloons and take them into the cones very tightly especially if they are filled with helium. Also depending on if they are filled with helium you will attach the the ribbon to the cone with tape. If they are just filled with air then tape the string to the top of the balloon. Then they are all ready to be hung up or tied to a chair.