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Winter Penguin Scene

Party Cheap Items:

How To:

In order for you to create this Winter Penguin Scene you will first need to lay down the Blue Table Cover on the table as a good starting place to make the base for the entire scene. Then possibly lay our Snow Blanket in an offset manor to give the ground a snow covered appearance. Instead of using the Blue Tablecover and/ or the Snow Blanket you can always use our White Tablecover to create the snow covered ground look. The next step is to place the Plastic Icicles or hang some of our Fabric Icicle Decorations on the wall behind your event table. The Fabric Icicle Decorations can also be hung off of the edge of your table for an added icy appearance. Place the fun tissue Igloo Centerpiece with Penguins on the table for a cute and playful touch. To top off the entire scene you can sprinkle some of our Sparkling Snow or maybe one of our Snowflake Confetti on the table to look like a fresh snow has fallen for the penguins to play in. This is a great way for you to show off your creative side and decorate for your party or event at the same time.