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We're Buzzing with Great Character Bulletin Board

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Staples
  • Letters

How To:

Create this adorable bulletin board for in any classroom with just a few of our discounted products and in no time at all this board can be in your school or daycare! Begin by first stapling the purple tablecover or another matching color to the bulletin board and smoothing out any wrinkles. Then you will want to staple the boarder around the outside edges having it fit into all four corners of the bulletin board. Next, take the letters that spell out "We're Buzzing with Great Character" and after they are centered or placed as you would like them to be staple them to the bulletin board. Next, surround the message with some of our little message bee cutouts. Then the bulletin board is ready to go! The board would look great if you had drawings or things from the students in your class that match the meanings of the signs that the bees are holding. Doing this would be a great beginning and end of the year project to see how the students views have changed since school started. You can always do a similar bulletin board for Valentine’s Day with our small bear cutouts that are holding signs as well.