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Paper Lantern Turkey

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Brown Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue

How To:

Create this cute fall decoration, just in time for Thanksgiving! Add a Paper Lantern Turkey to your Thanksgiving table this year. Replace your boring centerpiece with this adorable turkey, or hang it from your walls for some eye catching decoration. Start with a Black Paper Lantern. Cover the lantern completely with brown paint, and let it dry. While the lantern is drying, take autumn-colored construction paper and cut out tail feathers for the turkey. We suggest using red, orange, yellow, green, gold, and brown feathers. Glue the edges of the feathers together to keep them in place. Take a few pieces of felt and cut out a large circle for the face, two white ovals for the eyes, two small black circles for the pupils, a dark brown triangle for the beak, and a red wattle. Other felt accessories, such as a collar and tie, are optional. When the lantern has dried completely, you may begin to assemble the components of your Paper Lantern Turkey. Using hot glue, attach the feathers to the back of the lantern. Then add the felt face to the front. Sit the lantern aside to dry. Now take the Puritan Hat and gently glue it atop the turkey's head. When the hat dries, your Paper Lantern Turkey is finished! Hang it from your ceiling, or walls, or make it the center of your Thanksgiving dinner!