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Oktoberfest Party Ideas & How to Decorate for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Party Sign

Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated from the third week of September into the first week of October. But the best part about the event is that it's also just a really great party and you don't even have to be German to celebrate it. We have many Oktoberfest party ideas that you can use throughout the year. It's perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays, retirements, graduation, or maybe even a German family reunion.

White and Bavarian Blue Decorations

The traditional decorations consist of white and Bavarian blue, which is a great place to start if you are looking for Oktoberfest party ideas. These are the colors displayed on the flag of Bavaria. We carry a huge selection of white and blue decorations for your Oktoberfest decorating needs. There are great all-weather outdoor decorations like the Pennant Banner, Indoor-Outdoor Banner, Poly Decorating Material, and Printed Twirly Whirlys. These items all feature the traditional blue and white diamond pattern of the Bavarian flag. Now, if you have an indoor space or even your very own beer hall tent, we also offer tons of other similar blue and white decorations for indoor decorating.

Oktoberfest Costume

We carry the Jointed Oktoberfest Cutout or Oktoberfest Door Cover that look great displayed on a door or next to your party entrance. A lot of our blue and white decorations also feature the classic German beer stein. There are some great hanging decorations spotlighting the stein, like the Hanging Column, Shimmer Garland, Shimmering Spiral, Stringer, Danglers, Whirls, and the Firework Stringer. We also carry the coordinating Oktoberfest tableware of plates, cups, and napkins that all feature the stein. There is even an Oktoberfest Centerpiece made with the same style beer stein. And if you're looking for a great decorative party favor for your guests, tie some of the Balloons to our mini Beer Stein Photo/Balloon Holder. It also makes a fantastic centerpiece or just hand them out to guests as a party favor for them to use later to display a favorite Oktoberfest photo.

When you're celebrating, you can always add some easy-to-use tissue decorations. We carry the always popular, honeycomb tissue balls in blue, white, or a combo of blue and white. And our blue and white tissue garland is perfect when you need a quick decoration for a window or along the front of a table. Our most popular decorating idea has got to be the crepe streamer tent. This is when you attach our blue and white crepe streamers to the center of the room and drape them out to the edges of the room to create a colorful tent ceiling. Just add some of the tissue balls to the center and your guests will feel like they've just entered an actual beer hall. And, doing the same thing with the Oktoberfest Pennant Banner is also a great way to decorate your party space like a beer tent.

German Flag Decorations

German Flag DecorationsAre you looking for more Oktoberfest party ideas to really want to show off your German heritage? We also carry a complete line of German party decorations that are perfect for an emphasis on a German party. These kind of party decorations would be a great idea for a family reunion. You can start off your decorating with the German Poly Decorating Material. Just wrap it around everything in sight to instantly add the German flag colors to your party. Next, add some black, golden-yellow, and red crepe streamers. Top off your German flag decorations by hanging some red or golden-yellow tissue balls from the ceiling. You'll also want to add some old-world German charm to your decorations with items like the Oktoberfest Cutouts and Beer Stein Cutouts. The Oktoberfest Sign Cutouts are especially perfect because they tell your guests where to find things and they look just like they were plucked right from an alpine village.

And make sure you add an authentic dancing Mr. Oktoberfritz and the Oktoberfest Fraulein to your German decorations. If you want to wear your very own lederhosen or dirndl, we carry a costume version of both. The inexpensive plastic party vests are also great for a quick Oktoberfest costume. You can pick up a Gray Alpine Hat or a Headscarf with Braids to top off your German costume. Now, when it comes to your table decorations, we carry the German Flag Cascade Centerpiece in a large and small size to add some flavor to your party tables. The German flag cutouts can double as a decoration for the walls or as disposable placemats. And make sure you dress up your already German menu by decorating your foods with little German flag picks. For some coordinating tableware, pick up some of our solid colored black or red plates, cups, and napkins to create German table settings.

German Beer Decorations

Oktoberfest Beer Decorations

No matter what time of year or what occasion you're using the Oktoberfest theme, we have plenty pf Oktoberfest party ideas to help your party stand out. We suggest an emphasis on beer decorations for a more universal theme party. We carry all sorts of beer themed decorations, like the Beer Hall sign, Beer Mug beads, a Beer Mug centerpiece, and even a Mini Oktoberfest Beer Mug Shot. That's everything from the tiny Beer Mug Fanci-Fetti confetti to the huge Beer Mug Wall Decal.

An easy way to make all those beer decorations tie in with the Oktoberfest theme, add everybody's favorite beer snack to your decorations, the pretzel. We carry a Jumbo Whirl that features both dangling beer mugs and pretzels. Add a unique Ceiling Decoration with more dangling pretzels and beer steins. The Pretzel Cutouts look great anywhere, on the walls or hanging from the ceiling. We even carry removable pretzel stickers called the Pretzel Peel N Place. There are even Oktoberfest Beads with Beer Keg Medallions that also feature pretzels and beer mugs. You could hand them out as a memorable party favor to all of your guests. If you prefer some a little more functional for your friends, the Oktoberfest Bottle Opener Beads are always useful. These Oktoberfest beer decorations and accessories are especially perfect for a bachelor party where beer is the central focus.

Brief History of Oktoberfest

The celebration of Oktoberfest is time honored tradition that began in Bavaria, Germany. It originated as a celebration in honor of the marriage of King Ludwig to Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The celebration included the citizens of Munich and took place on the grassy fields in front of the city gates. There were parades, music, food, drink and the biggest event marking that first Oktoberfest were the horse races at the close of the festivities. After that, it was decided the horse races should be repeated every year and so began the tradition of the celebration. In later years the Agricultural Show, amusement rides, and beer tents were added. The famous horse races may no longer be a part of the yearly celebration but Oktoberfest has still managed to become the world's largest festival. As you can see, Oktoberfest themes will fit just about any occasion. So put on your beer goggles, grab a kazoo, and get ready for a good time because that's what it is all about.