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Flowers of Spain Centerpiece

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Sheer yellow ribbon
  • Vase
  • Red tissue paper

How To

To create this centerpiece, start with the vase and cover it completely with red tissue paper. Next, place the white parasol into the vase. Take the colorful leis and wrap them all around the covered vase and tape it in several places to ensure it stays. Adhere one white flutter ball on any part of the vase with tape and right beside the flutter ball tape one or two of the party maracas to the vase. Right under the parasol and in other places, tape several to the vase. Also tape one or two Mexican sombreros in any other open areas of the vase. Once your vase is completely covered, bunch up the red, white and green bunting in the center of the table and place your decorated vase on top of the bunting. Take some sheer yellow ribbon, a piece about 12 inches long, and simply drape it over the white parasol. Then, finish off the look by placing one or two gold twirly whirlies around the base of the decorated vase and bunched up bunting.