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Doilie Garland Wall Decoration Ideas

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Your choice of ribbon or string

How To

In order to make this beautiful garland for a decoration at your party or special event, start by cutting the desired length of ribbon or string to fill up the available party space. Next, you should start adding doilies on to your garland. To do this, take one doily and fold it in half, hang it on the ribbon by sandwiching the ribbon between the folded doilies. Add one drop of glue in between the folded doily and one drop of glue between the doily and the ribbon to keep it from opening up, falling off the ribbon, or sliding around on the ribbon. Repeat this process with all your dollies until your garland has the desired number of doilies and they stay on the ribbon. Give your ribbon a finishing touch by tying the ends of your ribbon into cute bows. We have a selection of assorted sized doilies for you to choose from, they are mostly white in color. We offer crepe streamers that you could use as ribbon in assorted colors. There are also items like the tissue festooning or even the poly material that you could use as the ribbon to hang your doilies of off.