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4th of July Chevron Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To:

First lay the White Rectangular Tablecover down on a table, then use the Medium Blue Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer and create a chevron pattern. To create a chevron pattern cut a triangle out , and then cute a triangle out on the opposite side. The pattern should look like it is going up diagonally and then downward diagonally. You will repeat this pattern again in blue, and then create a chevron pattern in the Red Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer. Place the chevron streamers in the center of the table. Surrounding the chevron streamers place Blue Small Plates. Grab the Blue Napkins, fold the napkins in half and stick one U.S. Flag Pick in the folded napkin. Then tape the Red, White, and Blue Stars Confetti to a Clear Plastic Tumbler , and place an additional Clear Plastic Tumbler over top the clear cup with confetti.