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Are you tired of people sneaking into your invitation only event? Keep the party guests separate from the party crashers with these wristbands!

Give the wristbands out to your invited guests as they enter your party or event to make it easier to spot the crashers. Another thing that you can do with these wristbands is give them out to mark those that can drink from those that can’t give one of these wristbands to guests either 21 and up or minors for the bartender to know who they are a loud to serve alcohol to and who they cannot.

If you are having a large event and a lot of people are expected to come then these wristbands will be helpful to you and the staff that you might have. Whether you are trying to keep people out that should not be at your event or keep under age people from drinking these wristbands will be a big help. There are assorted colors and different ones for different events that you may have.

There is a green wristband for St. Patrick’s Day and another one that reads Happy Birthday. Whatever the event theme or reason to party maybe, we are sure to have a wristband for you to use.
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Blue Tyvek Wristbands Blue Tyvek Wristbands (100/pkg)
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In our wristbands category there is VIP, St. Patrick’s Day, and other assorted themed wristband that you can use. All the bands are disposable, however some are made out of plastic and some are made out of durable paper material. These bands can be handed out at other locations, not just big parties. If you are looking for a way to mark people that bought the ride all day pass at your amusement park, fair, or carnival, then have these bracelets on hand to give to the all-day riders. Or if you have a special package for people to jump to the front of the line then use one of our wristbands to identify those people. Maybe you are looking for a way for your park to monitor the guests that come in with a handicap person to ride the rides, give them a wristband so ride operators know that they are all together! Maybe you are having a cook- off; give the chefs a wristband for all the members of their team to keep teams separate from the tasters. We have American flag wristbands for you to give to veterans, current troops, and their families at your event. We also have Sparkle wristbands that will add extra bling to your guests outfit.