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Redneck Wine Glasses

Our Redneck Wine Glasses will add a touch of class and sophistication to your next party. You can simply sip wine, beer, or moonshine out of a fancy Redneck Wine glass. We have a couple different sizes for your different occasions. Our Little Lulu Redneck Glass is perfect for little kids that want to feel like they are apart of the party. Our Big Bubba Widemouth Wine Glass is perfect for the summer parties. You can fill your glass up and enjoy your time out in the sun. Just make sure to drink your beverage fast enough so it doesn't get too warm out in the sun! Then our most standard size Redneck wine glass, is the Ol' Red Redneck Wine Glass. With one of these in your hand you will be the sit of the party. All of these wine glasses have the country chic look of a mason jar yet the sophistication of a wine glass. They are perfect for every party and they are cheap. So you can spend more of the liquid filling the wine glass!!

Mason Jar Wine Glasses

If you are having a Redneck theme event or a Western theme party, these Redneck Wine Glasses would be a perfect gift for the host or hostess to thank them for inviting you over to their trailer. These redneck wine glasses are made of real Mason jars, just like the kind grandma used to pickle beets in. However, unlike grandma's pickled beets, you will actually want to open these mason jars after you fill them with some gourmet boxed wine or fresh Pabst Blue Ribbon. You can screw on the included Mason jar lid to seal in the freshness and keep out the bugs and assorted debris when you take your four wheeler out muddin! If you are planning on sipping some homemade wine, pick up the Little Lulu Redneck Wine Glass which holds just over six ounces of delicious medicine. If you are more into the fine malt-beverages, you may want a little more carrying capacity. So, we recommend the Ol' Red Redneck Wine Glass if you want to bring one beer with you, and the Big Bubba Redneck Wine Glass if you want to have two beers when you watch cars go by your porch.