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Halloween Animated Hanging Props

These giant Halloween props are just what you need to make your Halloween decorations stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. These "life"-size hanging props range from five feet tall all the way up to the giant 7 foot tall Reaper Creature. Check the details for each Halloween animated prop because many of them include great extras like flashing red or green eyes, and one poor guy even has a flashing beating heart! We also have less creepy looking props like our neon skeletons if you are going to try to cater to a younger group of trick-or treaters. Each giant Halloween hanging prop is designed to be used inside and is made of fabric, cloth, plastic and include a loop for you to hang it up with, like our Spider Skeleton Creepy Creature. No matter where you place these Halloween animated props they will look great and add a creepy atmosphere. These Halloween props are perfect to add a little life to your venue!

5 Ways to Use the Halloween Animated Props

Need a something that will creep your guests out? Or just want to adda little fun to your party? Then these Halloween props are perfect for you. Here are some ways that you can use the animated props to enhance your Halloween decorations!

• Use these creepy props to hang in a haunted house. The floating figures will scare your guest when they walk into a room.
• The Grim Reaper w/ Sign Creepy Creature could be hung on your porch to greet and frighten your guest. When they walk up they will see a figure floating in the air to set the mood before they even enter the party.
• Decorate your trees with these Hanging Props to scare people even before they enter your property. At night the glowing eyes of the Hairy Skeleton Creepy Creature will surely send a scary message.
• These Hanging Props will terrify your guest if hung at a Halloween dance party. Your school's or personal dance can have an extra creepy feeling with a couple of these eerie creatures hanging from the ceiling.
• Really have a frightening mood at your party by having one of these creepy creatures hanging at the top of your house. When guests pull up to your party they will see a creepy creature hanging over your house. Clown's can be people's biggest fear, so scare them even before they enter with a Crazy Clown Creepy Creature.