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2020 Graduation Decorations and Supplies

Graduation Party Guide

The time is fast approaching when your student will have their big day - that's right, the day of their graduation. Whether your son or daughter is getting ready to graduate from college, high school, or anything else, you will want to throw them a graduation party to celebrate all their hard work they have done and the achievements they have earned over the years to reach this great moment. Planning this party canCap & Gown Luncheon Napkins sometimes be overwhelming and may seem like a tough task. Luckily for you, thanks to help from PartyCheap, you can use this guide to make yourself feel like a professional graduation party planner. This guide will walk you through each step of the process and give you great graduation party ideas along the way, giving your 2016 grad the perfect celebration.

Selecting a Venue

Selecting a venue is a very important, and stressful, part of the party process. Attempting to simplify this process is the best way to go. If you want to have the party in your own backyard, go for it! If you want to have it at another family memberís house, ask them if it would be okay! You could also go another route and rent out a venue in your town or a neighboring area. Letís take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Your own home/backyard

  • Positives
    • Comfort of having party at your own house
    • No renting fee
    • Structural flexibility
    • Control of overall environment
  • Negatives
    • Might not have enough room
    • Must provide all food/drinks
    • Weather might not cooperate

Friend/familyís house

  • Positives
    • (Likely) no renting fee
    • More room than your yard/home
    • Could be a more centralized location for your guests
  • Negatives
    • Stress of ruining their yard, house, etc.
    • Lots of transporting materials from one house to another
    • Weather might not cooperate

Renting a venue

  • Positives
    • Basic supplies likely provided
    • Possible catering
    • Professional setting, can choose how much room you have
    • Can choose a centralized location for guests
  • Negatives
    • Can get expensive
    • Limited time frame
    • Might have to compete with other celebrations at the event space

Selecting the party venue and date should be the first thing you do, because without a location and date, you canít send out invitations or start laying out a blueprint for decorations at the graduation party.


Now that you have the location and date figured out, itís time to send out the graduation party invitations! You might have to think about who you want to invite, especially when you are the graduate. Do you really want your crazy uncle to be invited, get drunk, and hit on your best friend's sister? Probably not, but hey, your crazy uncle might bring a crazy (good) check for you, so you have to weigh your options.
Colorful Grad Invitations (8/pkg)
Once you have determined who will be invited, you have to get around to actually sending the invites. Lucky for you, PartyCheap has plenty of options when it comes to invitations! We have standard invitations that come in the following color: Red, burgundy, true blue, sunkissed orange, emerald green, purple, school bus yellow and white. If none of those invitations are what you are looking for, we also offer Colorful Grad Invitations, which features graduation caps in assorted colors. The Sophisticated Grad Invitations are also a great option. You really canít go wrong with any of these choices, so go ahead and pick the set that you and the grad decide on! Click here to go check out each of our invitation options in more detail.

Decorating Tips and Ideas

This probably goes without saying, but the first decorating tip is to buy your decorations right here at PartyCheap! We have plenty of supplies that will leave other parties jealous of your graduation party! Cover all the tables with our Graduation Plastic Rectangular Tablecover. It will protect the tables from any spills and the colored graduation caps will catch the eyes of all your guests. Every good party table has some confetti on it, so sprinkle some Fanci-Fetti Graduate Caps on it. Pick your color and scatter it all throughout the party!

This next decorating idea will become a memorable keepsake for the graduate and his/her family. Purchase two or three of our Graduation Partygraphs. Have everyone sign this piece of cardstock and in a few years, or even a few weeks, you can look back on this memorable day. You can also use these to write down some
Graduation Partygraph of your favorite memories from your time in school. When you look at these partygraphs again, all of those awesome memories will come flooding back to you.

What is one thing the grad going to be concerned about at his/her graduation party (other than family of course)? We all know from experience, itís all about the money. To help keep things organized - and to keep the guest of honor focused on the other people at the party - check out one of these Graduation Cap Card Boxes. These boxes will make collecting any cards from guests easy and will add to the overall theme of the party.

Food and Drink Ideas

Break out plenty of tables, because youíre going to need them for all the food at the graduation party! Itís important to understand that youíll want to keep food both inside and outside. Why you may ask? Well, if you are serving hot food that guests can pick at all day, crockpot foods are perfect. Instead of running extension cords all over the place, which could cause a safety concern, just set the crockpot(s) inside. Great foods that can go in the crockpot are baked beans, pulled pork, meatballs, etc.

Quick and easy snacks are also a necessity, seeing as not everyone will want more filling foods like the aforementioned crockpot items. Pretzels, chips, crackers, and all the other traditional items are ones you definitely wonít want to forget. Take those items to the next level by having a nice spread of different dips available, including spinach and artichoke dip, bean dip, warm chicken nacho dip and buffalo chicken dip. All
Sophisticated Grad Hot/Cold Cups (8/pkg)the recipes for those dips can be found right here.

When it comes to the beverages, you will want to have a wide assortment of options available for all the guests. What are the essentials? Well, they would be water, lemonade, fruit punch, soda (your choice of what brands) and beer. Make sure you keep your eye on the beer cooler, so that only those 21 and over are drinking the alcohol. You can also incorporate other drinks, like tea, juices, etc.

Celebrate your recent graduate in style by throwing him/her an awesome graduation party. Supplies can get expensive, but PartyCheap can alleviate that pressure. Check out all the other graduation party supplies we have by clicking right here. Graduation is right around the corner, so letís get planning!

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