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Western/Farm Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Yellow Construction
  • Orange Color Pencil
  • Googlie Eyes
  • Black Marker

How To

Chicken Name Tag: To make this adorable peeking chicken name tag, start by cutting a circle out of the yellow construction paper,make sure you draw the chicken's feet before it is cutout. Then fold the circle in half, and draw the wing and tail feathers using the orange color pencil. Glue on the googlie eye to make the chicken come to life. Then write on the name and place at each seat.

Begin this tablescape by placing the Red Table Cover on the table. Then, put the Cow Print Lunch plate down first, and then the Dessert Plate down on top of that. Add the Cow Print Napkins at each place setting. To really add the country theme, fold a Red Bandana into a small triangle and place ontop of each place setting. Finally, label each seat with the chicken name tag at each spot.