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Carnival Circus Party Supplies & Decorations

Treasure Loot Jointed Circus Clown Birthday Party Canopy Large Hand Clappers Plastic Pith Helmet
Treasure Loot
Our Price: $6.00

Jointed Circus Clown
Our Price: $3.40

Birthday Party Canopy
Our Price: $14.39

Large Hand Clappers
Our Price: $2.07

Plastic Pith Helmet
Our Price: $1.32

Clowns, popcorn, cotton candy and excitement - everyone loves a circus or carnival. With our full selection of supplies, decorations, favors, themes and accessories you'll think you're in the big top! We have everything you need to make an inexpensive party feel like the worlds biggest production.

Circus & Carnival Theme Party Ideas

Make you living room a 3 Ring circus on purpose!

The PartyCheap Circus Sign Banner lets everyone know where the Big Top is!A circus or carnival theme party is timeless, fun and exciting, PartyCheap has the high quality supplies, accessories, favors, themes, decorations, and games to make you the Ring Master of the party no matter how many clowns are there!

Our Circus Sign Banner which is 5 feet long and 21 inches tall is a great way to welcome your guests and get them in the carnival mood The image on the sign is almost instantly recognizable, and pretty much everyone will know exactly what they are in for when they show up at your party. This, along with some of the other circus and carnival products we have to offer, definitely sets the tone and brings the circus theme to life.

In terms of clowns and entertainment, the Circus Clown Game is the product for you! This game is played like pin the tail on the donkey, but it takes on the circus theme. Itís simple, just go ahead and place the red nose on the clown, but make sure you have your blindfold on! The clown face is 16.5 inches by 17.5 inches. Each Circus Clown Game set includes a blindfold and 12 red noses to keep the fun going for hours and hours. Itís perfect for both children and adults!

Carnival & Circus Party Theme

Make sure you check out all of our clown party supplies! Everyone loves a good circus or carnival, so do everything that you can to turn your living room or backyard into a circus or carnival! Get all of your carnival and circus party supplies right here at! Why should you? The answer is easy. Itís because we know how to party!