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Paper Lantern Octopus

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Construction Paper (purple, white and black)
  • Glue and tape

How To:

To create this adorable purple octopus with our purple paper lantern simply start by assembling the purple paper lantern by following the directions on the paper lantern package. Once the lantern has been set up begin to cut out two circles in white construction paper and two out of black; make sure the white circles are bigger than the black. To make the tentacles on the octopus trace the bottom of the paper lantern on the purple construction paper so there is a rounded shape, then first draw the swirls for tentacles around the rounded edge of the trace from the lantern. Only cut tentacles to go around the front and sides of the purple lantern. Make sure you have a rounded back edge of the construction paper that you can attach to the bottom of the purple lantern so the swirly tentacles show in front. Tape on the purple construction paper to the bottom of the lantern.