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4 Fun Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement parties are a great way to show the retiree your appreciation of his/her hard work (or maybe for just being there almost everyday). So make sure the party is top notch! We have 4 different party ideas that will be a hit! All of our party supplies is cheap so it won't break your budget!

GOLF THEME: FORE!! A Retirement Golf PAR-TEE

Is your boss or co-worker retiring? If golfing is one of their favorite sports, a golf themed retirement party is perfect for celebrating their decades of hard work...HA! Who are we kidding…they didn’t really work. When it comes to a retirement party, we really should celebrate all those years they committed to showing up for work on time...sometimes...or attending all of those management meetings and not falling asleep. Clearly, applause is needed to wish them off for all of their accomplishments over the years. Either way, the party you throw should be up to par and a hole in one.

These decorations are fun and its not a common retirement party theme.

On The Green:

The whole purpose of golf is to get on the green and putt the ball into the hole under par. Well for this party, consider your tables the green. These are the main part of your decorations. For a more laid back party start by laying down a Green Tablecover. Use our Green Grass Mats as the basis of your golf centerpiece. Then find ball buckets and place one on every table filled with golf balls. Scatter some tee’s around the basket. Finish it by numbering each table like it is a different hole on a course.

Another table decoration idea is a birdie! These decorations are simple yet a hole in one. They are perfect for the easygoing golf guy who just wants to be out on the green instead of talking to people at the party. See the easy steps below for a quick set up:

1. White Tablecovers on all of the tables.
2. Tie different shades of green balloons on all of the chairs.
3. For the centerpiece, set up a different hole at each table. Make sure you label each table with a different number just like a real golf course.


Since the guests can’t drive a ball in the middle of the party have some activities to keep them entertained!

Have a little fun at this retirement party. Have guest can how many tees are in a container. Who ever is the closest to the actual number wins a Trophy Cup Award! If the weather suits, have corn hole boards available for you guests to play along with other fun backyard games.

The party will be a Hole in One with the help of our golf retirement party ideas!


Sail away with your guests at your Bon Voyage Retirement Party.

  • The first step to any party is sending out the invitations. For your retirement invitations, make your invitations look like a passport. Then on the inside have all the party information’s, but keep in mind the new retiree is an old fart now so make sure the party doesn’t go past their bedtime! If you are looking for fun invitations without all of the work. We have Cruise Ship Party Passes that look like VIP cards. Send these to all of your guests and make them show their pass before entering into the party.
  • Make sure the guest know they are entering paradise by using our Ocean and Sky Backdrop and Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop. You can also hang up our Cruise Sign Sign Cutouts that will really make the guests feel like they are on a cruise ship. Everyone will love the sense that they are actually traveling and enjoying life! ** Just remember to make everything walker and wheelchair friendly for the retiree.
  • The Table Decorations are very important to your retirement party decorations. We have Happy Retirement tableware and Nautical Tableware. Pick out your favorite to use at the party or mix and match the designs, one for lunch and one for dessert. Label each table with a city/country that the retiree wants to go to now that he/she is retired. We have Travel Street Sign Cutouts that would be perfect for this occasion. For a little extra fun detail, cut out hearts of map from the city or country for the confetti. Guests will love to see the different places they can visit at their table.

Just have fun celebrating this special occasion and dream about the wonderful places you can travel to in the future!

Its 5 O’Clock Somewhere- BEACH THEME

  • If the retiree is someone that like to party hard and often, then a beach theme is perfect for him/her! Margarita Glasses, relaxation and of course drinking are the three keys to this party.
  • For the drink glasses there are tons of options to choose from. You can either go with the straight margarita glasses. Or for little more fun, check out our Redneck Wine Glasses. If you choose this glass, you can write “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere” on the glass so guests never forget what time it is! We also have different Coconut Cups that will fit in perfectly with your beach theme.
  • Since it is a beach theme you can’t go wrong with any of our Luau or Nautical Decorations. Use our Blue Sky and Ocean Backdrop so that guest feel like they are at the beach when they enter the party. Hang up Palm Trees and Tropical Fish all around the party. Make it a paradise, so everyone at the party can feel what relaxing and enjoying life as a retiree will feel like.
  • For some fun entertainment at the party, bring out the Angel Fish Pinata once everyone has a couple drinks in them. Guests will have live long memories about the fun pinata at the party! Another activity you could do is a Hula Competition. Just make sure no one throws their hip out of place! Have Grass Skirts and Coconut Bras available for all of the contestants. Pick a couple judges and then just play some Hawaiian music. We have a Hula Girl Award for the winner of this competition! It would be every entertaining if you do this activity towards the end of the night so guests have a couple drinks into them!

Don’t forget to send out the retirement party invitations so that the guest know the party details!

Classic Retirement Party Theme

If you are looking to throw a small party in the office we have the all the retirement party supplies you will need! Whether it is a small or large get together make it something even the old folks won’t forget.

  • For a little humor at the small party, check out our different Whoopee Cushions. Our most popular is the Happy Retirement! Whoopee Cushion. To see all of your options, go to the special occasions tab and then to Retirement. You can view all of our Retirement party supplies and decorations for your needs!