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How To: Turn Your Office Party into a Luau Paradise

Aloha, readers! Summertime is just around the corner. It’s almost time for vacation, with all the beaches, sand and sunshine you could ask for! But before you take time off work for your summer travels, bring the seashore to your workplace with a luau party for you and your colleagues to enjoy.

We know that every business is on a budget, we also know that a successful office party can be a great opportunity for you, your co-workers and your bosses to get to know one another. A luau presents the perfect relaxed atmosphere to make workers forget the stresses of the job.

Now, not everyone works in a traditional office setting, but since majority of office folks do, we’ll focus this post on suggestions for that environment.

  1. Pin up beach backgrounds with sandy ocean landscapes and dramatic sunsets are the simplest way to turn the drab white walls of your office into an inviting getaway.

  2. Palm trees, tiki torches and pink flamingos are delightful and must-haves for any luau. Stand a few up in the corners of the room, and voila! Instant coastline feel. You can even string Hawaiian lei party garland from the torches to complete the room.

  3. If the industrial ceilings in your office are throwing off the desired beach vibe, dress the ceilings up with tropical fish, sunburst or tropical parrot wind-spinners! These hanging decorations will really give your party that little extra something it needs, at a very low cost.

  4. The food is always a very important part of any celebration, so why not present it in a festive way? For your luau party, you will need coconut cups, tropical table skirting and a grand centerpiece – a pink flamingo or a 3-D coral reef display for example.

  5. Finally, have a feature display in one area of the room. This could include a DIY beach-themed photo-booth, complete with a sandy backdrop, parrots whirls hanging from the ceiling, a 5 foot surfboard decoration and a hammock.

If you work at a school, these luau office party ideas can easily work in a gym or cafeteria environment. And, don’t be afraid to take these decorations outdoors! A beach party works even better outside. Wherever and whenever you have your office party, you don’t have to break the bank! Everything you need for your luau party is right here at PartyCheap.