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Our Classroom Critters Bulletin Board

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Staples
  • Letters

How To:

Get ready for spring with an adorable bulletin board like this one! Begin by first stapling the golden yellow table cover to the bulletin board and smoothing out all of the wrinkles. Next, take the butterflies, flowers and bees border and staple all four side of the bulletin board with the border. Hang up the large cutout sun in the left corner of the bulletin board and the classic flower cutouts on the very bottom of the bulletin board. In the picture we've only used two flowers, however, if the bulletin board is bigger feel free to use more than two. Then you will want to staple or tape the letters, "Our Classroom Critters" to the board evenly on the right side. After all of the letters are positioned and secured take the message cutouts and fill in all the spaces. A fun idea to make this more specific to a classroom would be to cutout a picture of each student and tape each child to one of the insects. Or you can right the students names on top of each of the insects. This bulletin board is easy to put up and take down, don't miss out on this cute idea for spring!