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Mr./Mrs. ____ Best Bushel Bulletin Board

Party Cheap Items:

  • Brown construction paper
  • black construction paper
  • tape/staples
  • glue
  • pins

How To:

Place the Medium Blue Rectangular Tablecover on the bulletin board and secure the table cover with pins. Place the School Days Apple Cutouts near the top of the bulletin board. After the School Days Apple Cutouts are secured with tape, create the basket that will be on the bottom of the board. To create the basket use black and brown construction paper. Take two pieces of brown construction paper and cut the bottom angling downward. This will be the outline of the basket. Once the brown paper is cut and secured to the board with tape, take the black construction paper and cut that into strips. Once the strips are cut, tape them vertically to the brown paper that is already taped to the board. Once the black paper is taped on, cut the brown construction paper and tape that horizontally on top of all the paper. After the basket is created, take the Mini Apple Cutouts and place them at the top of the basket. Then once the basket looks full, scatter more Mini Apple Cutouts all around the bulletin board.