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Princess Games and Crafts

Princess Photo PropNow that your daughter and her friends have eaten enough sugary foods for the next week, you need a way for them to burn off some energy before their parents return to pick them up. In your main room, where the Princess Insta-Theme is, set up an area for the girls to pose with the Princess Photo Prop and play the Kiss the Frog Party Game. The photo prop is perfect for taking a picture of each girl and sending it to her when you send out Princess Party Thank You Notes; this will be another keepsake for her. The frog game will have the girls giggling forever. As the girls are playing around, clear the table of all the food and decorations but leave the tablecover on. Set up a craft area for the girls to make their own party favors. Only have them do one craft at a time, or it might get a bit crazy helping everyone. The Foam Wand Decorating Kit and Princess Tiara Craft Kit are both great crafts for the girls to make. Another simple option would be to color princess coloring book pages. Each of your little princess’s friends will have something to take home to always remind them of the fun they had at your daughter’s party. Send everything home with them in the treasure chests you had their tiaras in. After today, there is no doubt your little girl will love you forever because you just gave her the best party she could ever imagine….well that is until her 16th birthday.