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What to Serve at a Princess Party

As the girls are running around in their dresses and jewelry you can start to set up the food. When it comes to deciding what you want to make consider your daughter’s favorite foods, but also consider simple food that won’t have you stressed out by the end of the day. You can easily make 10 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches. Make them with white bread and find large or small cookie cutters in heart or star shapes. Cut the shapes out of the sandwiches and the girls will devour them. Keep these on the table on a nice platter, or even use an extra plate from your tableware. To keep everyone healthy, vegetables and fruit are ideal especially if they are cut in special shapes. Pineapple is one of the best fruits to make shapes out of such as butterflies, hearts, flowers and stars. There are even some stores that specialize in fruit arrangements and might have a princess themed one. Also, dipping the fruit in chocolate is perfect for the princesses; they will feel as though they are eating decadent food suited for a princess. For drinks, pink lemonade or anything pink would be perfect.

Princess Dessert Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of the princess party is the dessert. Be as extravagant as you want with the food because the girls will never forget the dessert. Many local bakeries offer princess themed cakes and some have special Disney Princess cakes and cupcakes. But you can also test your creative abilities by making the dessert yourself. Some ideas are to make your own castle cake, frog cupcakes, princess cupcakes and princess cookies.

For the castle cake, use your imagination. Build up your castle with multiple layers of sheet cake in your princess’s favorite cake flavor. For the icing, use food coloring and make it pink or purple. You can customize it to your daughter or just make a simple castle. The frog cupcakes are very simple; bake normal cupcakes with any flavor of cake, cover the top with green icing (green food coloring) and finish them off with the Frog Cupcake Kit. The princess cookies are simple as well. All you need to do is bake regular sugar cookies and cut out tiaras, hearts, stars and shoes from the dough. Decorate them after they cool with icing.

As for the princess cupcakes there is bit more work to do. These will be personalized cupcakes for each of your daughter’s friends. Going back to the invitations, you asked what the girl’s favorite flavor or cake was and her favorite princess. Find out if the girls prefer white or chocolate cake and make enough cupcakes in each flavor (and some extra as backups). Cutout small cardboard circles with the same diameter as the tops of the cupcakes. After the cupcakes have cooled down, place them upside down on the cardboard. Use food coloring to dye white icing into the colors of the dresses of each princess the girls chose. Cover the cupcake in the colors and then, insert a Disney Favorite Moment Doll in each cupcake. The cupcakes will represent the bodies and dresses of each doll. The top half will stick out, so make sure to keep her top on. Give each girl a cupcake made with her favorite cake and princess. You can then either let them keep the dolls as favors or wash them off to reuse them.