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Fiesta Activity Ideas

Fiesta PinataNow that you have the venue decorated and the food prepared you need to figure out different activities for your guests to participate in. A must is dancing, a lot of dancing. This is why it is important to have an area designated for dancing, although most likely your guests will be dancing their way around the party. If you have the resources, try and book traditional Mexican dancers who can perform a salsa dance or candle dance. As for an activity for the guests to get involved with you can always pull out the Limbo Kit to see who can go as low as the floor. Another fun activity is to have the guests dress up and take pictures. Collect a box of fun accessories like maracas, sombreros, over-sized sunglasses, fiesta fanci frames, fiesta party beads, woven sweaters and blankets as well as plenty of fake mustaches. Place the box by the wall covered in the plastic Mexican banner. Leave a couple of disposable cameras nearby and let the guests take pictures in the Mexican Apparel all day/night long. And last, but not least there most definitely should be a Mexican themed piata. Whether the party is for just adults or kids too, everyone loves taking a whack at a piata and wants to see what was stashed on the inside.