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Black and White Food Ideas

The guests should arrive hungry, but also nervous and excited as what they will be eating. Many will think that the black and white theme will not follow through to the food, but this way you will be able to surprise them. When the guests arrive, hand each person who is of age a glass of white champagne, preferably in a white champagne flute but a regular glass one works just as well. As for the food, have small hors d'oeuvres such as Herbed White Bean Dip and Black Caviar Olive Bites. These should float around the room so that each guest gets a chance to try them. Next, serve up a salad made of escarole, frisee and Napa cabbage with peeled apples for some crunch, feta cheese and light vinaigrette. To cleanse the pallets, serve a white gazpacho which will most definitely entice your guests. For the main course serve a blackened steak, poultry and a white fish such as halibut. Flavor these to your taste and serve them in small portions so that everyone is capable of tasting them, but try to serve them with a vegetable such as white asparagus and a pasta like linguini alfredo.

As for dessert, this is when you really get to be creative. You can keep things simple and make a candy buffet with various shaped jars filled with different types of candy all in black and white. Have a stack of white or black bags for the guests to fill so that they can snack on the candy there or take it home. You could also make desserts, which could be as basic as black and white cookies or something more elegant like black and white detailed cake pops. No matter what you serve, as long as it is black and white, your guests will be in awe at your entire event and it will definitely be one they never forget.