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Western Table Decorations

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In order to make this wonderful centerpiece for your Wild West party tables you need to start off by placing a tablecover in the table. We recommend the Gold Rectangle Tablecover, but we also have other colors that you can use if you prefer one of those. The next step is to put the Golden Yellow Art Festooning into a pile in the center of the tables with some of our plastic barbed wire garland. We offer either a rusty looking garland or silver garland. Place the 3-D Cactus Centerpiece into the middle of the festooning with the Money Bag beside it. You can fill the money bag up with some of our Plastic Gold Bars or Plastic Silver Bars. You should than place the gold bars around the base of the bag. For added decoration we placed the 3-D Chuck Wagon Centerpiece and the 3-D Western Centerpiece on the table. To top off the entire design we sprinkled some of our plastic coins all over the table. You can choose from our gold or silver fake coins. With this centerpiece on your party tables your Wild West party decorating will become complete. When the guests see the work that you put into the decorating they will be very impressed.