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Western Door Decorations

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  • Tape

How To:

So you are planning on having a western themed party? In order to decorate your event locations door for the occasion you need to first drape the blue tablecover over the door and secure the tablecover to it. Your guests will need to get into the party place so you will need to cut a small hole out of the tablecover for the door handle. Tape the red Gleam N Curtain to the top of the door, and then divide the Gleam N Curtain in half. Once you have divided the curtain in half tape the each part to the side of the door frame about halfway down the curtain to give a pulled back look to the curtain, repeat on other side. Once the curtain is secure, add two sign cutouts to the top of the door like our Western Street Sign Cutouts or maybe the Saloon Sign cutout. Finally tape the two jointed cutouts on the door. These friendly cowpokes can be positioned to offer a wave and a smile to your guests as they enter. With the items in this door cover you can change the colors to better fit your party. We also have horse cutouts or cowboy boot cutouts if you do not want the jointed figures on it.

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