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"Love Bugs" Classroom Door Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Letters

How To:

Decorate any classroom's door with some of our adorable Valentine's Day decorations. It is very simple to create this "Love Bug" door theme and it should not take you long to do! Start by covering the class door with our pink or burgundy rectangular table cover. Next either print out letters or you can get printed colored or black letters from your local school store to write the saying "1st Grade's Love Bugs," or edited the saying to match your grade and tastes. Make sure that this saying is centered in the door. Next, take the hearts and the Mini Lady Bug Cutouts and begin to stagger them all over the door around the saying. To make the door unique to the classroom take all the students pictures and then place each student's face on one of the love bugs or hearts! The other teacher's in the building will be jealous of this cute Valentine's Day door decoration, but it is so easy to do that you can help them to make a similar one for on their classroom door, too. If there is a door decorating competition coming up in your school this is a great way to win!