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Under the Sea Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Tacks or Pins

How To:

To create this tropical escape drink table all you need is our inexpensive products and a few minutes to make this set up part of the party. To begin first cover the table with our yellow table cover. On the wall behind the table hang our blue rectangular table cover. To make it stick to the wall use tape at the top center and both corners. Next take some or all of the assorted plastic fish and using tacks or wall pins hang them scattered on the blue cover. Next, take the white fish netting and drape it over the fish, using pins or tacks to hold it up like in the picture. Next on the table in the left corner set up several of the white plastic sea shells and place the tropical fern lead lei over some of them. Take the paper art lobster and crab next and assemble them by following the directions on both of their packages. Then place the crab in the right corner and the lobster in the center. Lastly, finish off by placing the burgundy cups, or check out our selection of hot/cold cups and place them around the lobster to finish decorating the drink table! This table decor would look great as a drink table that you could add some liters of soda to, or a punch bowl. Or use a bigger table and use this decor as a food table at the party.