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Colorful Streamer and Flower Back Drop

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Tacks

How To

Set up a bright and colorful back drop for any party with this design! Simply start by cutting strands of each flame retardant crepe streamer by how high your back drop needs to be. If it's floor to ceiling cut out enough and several inches extra so you can have enough to twist each strip. If you are only decorating a small space behind a table then cut pieces about 4 feet long. Once you have about at least 4 strips of each color crepe streamer cut begin taping each color directly side by side to the wall. Once you have taped each strip to the wall begin twisting each strip one by one then taping the bottom end to the wall after it's been twisted to hold the twist. Do this to each strip. Then assemble all the mini flower tissue fans and the daisy tissue fan. Depending on how big of a space you are covering you may want to get to daisy tissue fans to hang. Once they are all opened up tack them into the wall randomly over the streamers. Your back drop is finished and ready for your party!