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How To Make Tissue Jack-O-Lanterns

PartyCheap Items:

Additional Items :

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Glitter

How To

Grab your kids! We have a fun and easy project we'd like to share with you! These Tissue Jack-O-Lanterns are really quite simple to make. You want to begin with our Tissue Pumpkins, and it doesn't matter what size you choose either. The pumpkins are really easy to assemble too. Once you put the pumpkin together you can take some black construction paper cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth for your Jack-O-Lantern. Then smear on some glue, and sprinkle some glitter. Once the glue and glitter has dried you can glue your eyes, nose, and mouth onto the pumpkin.

Create more than one Tissue Jack-O-Lantern, and group them as the picture shows above. You can use the group of Jack-O-Lanterns as a great table centerpiece, or a decoration for a mantel. Once your pumpkins are complete set your Tissue Jack-O-Lanterns in place and then you can use the Light Green-Brown Art-Tissue Festooning, and weave it in and out of your tissue pumpkin decorations. By adding a little bit of green tissue festooning, it really adds some color to your Halloween or fall scene. You could even turn your Tissue Jack-O-Lanterns faces around to hide the eyes, nose, and mouth, and use the pumpkins for a Thanksgiving scene.

Tissue Pumpkins

Tissue Jack-O-Lanterns