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Tie Dyed Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To:

Start out by putting one of your tie dyed tablecovers on the table that you're planning on using at your 60s party. Hang up the other tie dyed tablecover behind the table as a psychedelic backdrop. Then put down the Fanci-Fetti Peace Signs on your table. Next hang up your choice of the 60s Street Sign Cutouts and the 60s and 70s Cutouts. Then place your plastic peace sign on the back of the table and lean it against the wall. Scatter some of our white party beads across the back of the table, on either side of the plastic peace sign. Sit a fuchsia cup and fuchsia plate in front of each place setting. Finish off the table by putting the 60s Bus Centerpiece in the middle of all the place settings.