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The Flash Paper Lantern

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Construction Paper
  • Hot Glue

How To:

Help your son or daughter celebrate their birthday with their favorite superheroes! Make these Justice League Paper Lanterns to decorate your home. Create a Flash Paper Lantern quickly and easily; using many items you can find around your house! Get two pieces of construction paper: a white piece and a yellow piece. Trace and cut out a large circle from the yellow paper, then cut out a slightly smaller circle from the white paper. Glue the white piece in the center of the yellow piece, creating a yellow outline around the white circle. With the rest of the yellow paper, cut out a large lightning bolt. Carefully glue the lightning bolt on top of the circles. Let the Flash symbol dry for a few minutes, then, using hot glue, glue the symbol onto a Red Paper Lantern. Hang this paper lantern up alone, or create the other members of the Justice League for a super birthday party!