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Superman Paper Lantern

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To:

Give your son or daughter a super birthday party this year! Create these paper lanterns inspired by their favorite film and comic book characters, like Superman! This paper lantern is a quick and easy decoration. Start with 2 sheets of construction paper: a red sheet and yellow sheet. Cut out two identical diamond shapes for the Superman logo on both sheets of paper. Then, on the red diamond, trace an "S", and cut out the Superman symbol. Glue the red diamond on top of the yellow diamond, and wait for them to dry. When the symbol has dried completely, glue it in the center of the Blue Paper Lantern. Hang the Superman Paper Lantern by itself, or hang up a Starry Night Backdrop and create the rest of the Justice League Paper Lanterns for a heroic birthday party!