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Our "Pot of Goals" St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape or staples
  • Letters

How To:

Create an awesome full of green bulletin board for St. Patrick's day with this festive idea! Start off by first covering your bulletin board with our green rectangular table cover. Then take our St. Patrick's Boarder Trim and line all the corners of your bulletin board with it and secure it with staples. Next take the rainbow cutout and the pot of gold from the St. Patrick's Day cutouts and secure them with tape or stapes to the bottom of the bulletin board. Next the letters and spell out "Our Pot of Goals," or be more specific by using a grade like "2nd Grade's Pot of Goals." Then take the clovers and fill in any space with them. Your bulletin board is complete but really make it complete by having the class write some goals and post them around the bulletin board for a unique class project!