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Snowman Door Decorations

Additional Items:

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Black Feather

How To:

Let the first snow fall of this winter season be an inspiration to decorate the door to your classroom. First, start out by covering the door with our red tablecover, tape the sides to the door to create a flat red surface. After the table cover is positioned correctly,tape the snowflakes on the door where desired. To add some color to the snowflakes, tape small metallic blue snowflakes to the corners of the large white snowflakes. Once the snowflakes are on the door, tape the back of the large flutter ball near the bottom of the door, but leave room for the snow. Then once the large flutter ball is placed, tape and add the medium above the large and repeat for the small flutter ball. After the snowman is placed, add small cutouts from black construction paper to tape the eyes and smile to the snowman. Once the eyes are placed on the snowman, cut the hat in half, and tape the feather to the inside of the hat. Then tape the hat to the top of the snowman. Add the white felt to the bottom of the door, but be sure to place it behind the snowman. Then finally, use the garland to create the scarf, once the scarf is in place tape it to the red tablecover.