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Insta-Themes, Scene Setters, Backdrops, & Backgrounds

Drag 'n drop feature

Make sure you've set the scene for fun!

Take your party, celebration, or event to the next level with our Insta-Themes, Scene Setters, Backdrops and Backgrounds. Now you can transform your entire party location easily and quickly. An Insta-Theme scene setter starts as a room background that you customize to fit your party, and a backdrop, background, wall covering or prop is a great way to create the perfect mood. With proper care Insta-Themes are reusable and make great everyday room decorations.

Planning a theatrical production, school play, photo shoot or other performance? Our high-quality, high-resolution backgrounds are a great cost- and time-efficient option.

Take your decorations to the next level with these Insta-Themes and Scene Setters!

What is an Insta-Theme? Are you tired of seeing the same old party decorations? Every party has balloons and streamers. Why settle for old, boring decorations when you could transform your entire wall? Customize your party backdrop based on the party theme: take your guests to the warm beaches of Hawaii, or rewind time and visit a 1950's soda shop! The decorating possibilities are endless with our fun and entertaining insta-themes.

These scene setters also double as great photo backdrops! Swim with dolphins in our Under the Sea insta-theme, or dance in our 1970's Disco insta-theme.

Make your own photo booth backdrop in a few quick and easy steps. Insta-Themes start as a room background, and then you can customize them to fit your party theme. Insta-Themes are very versatile, as they can be used for theme parties, theater props, or everyday room decorations. We also have put together several pages to show you what complete scenes would look like. View all of our insta-theme backgrounds and add-ons below!

With so many options to choose from when building an insta-theme, it can get confusing trying to picture what your insta-theme will look like. With our Drag 'N Drop feature, you can now plan out an entire insta-theme, without needing the products first! Using this exciting feature, you have the ability to move products around on the backdrops, easily being able to see what your decorations will look like before you buy. When you have arranged the items to your liking, all you have to do is buy them and set them up in your own home like you did online! Planning a party has never been easier!

To know if an insta-theme has the Drag 'N Drop feature enabled, just check for the blue "Drag 'N Drop" image on the small insta-theme image. If you are unable to see the blue "Drag N Drop" image on the smaller images below, simply press the F5 key on your keyboard or clear your cache and cookies and refresh the page. For further help and other tips on using the feature, check out our helpful guide.
(Drag & Drop not available when viewing on your phone)

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