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Other Girl Birthday Party Themes

Even though a Princess themed party is one of the most popular themes among little girls, there are many other themes that they enjoy just as much. This article contains some ideas that both of you will love and remember forever, all you have to do is follow the tips and pick which theme suits her best. Themes like Girl Pirate, Luau and 60's Hippie are fun and popular with kids of all ages. They still get a chance to dress up with their friends and run around, but now they won't have to worry about a puffy dress getting in the way.

Girl Pirate

When people think of pirates they often think only of boy pirates, therefore have a pirate themed birthday party for boys only. What many don’t realize that little girls also really enjoying sailing the high seas and find buried treasure. Doesn't every girl want to find a chest full of gold, silver and beautiful gems? This theme is great for inviting an entire class because even though it will be predominantly girly, there will still be some decorations and accessories for boys to have fun with so they won’t feel left out. To decorate for a Girl Pirate Party you can use regular Pirate Decorations, but add some splashes of pink to make it a bit more girly.

Pirate Girl Costume

The Pink Pirate Whirls, Pink Pirate Flag Cutout and Inflatable Princess Treasure Chest Cooler will add the right amount of pink to transform a regular pirate party into one fit for a daring little girl. You can still use the small Pirate Treasure Chests, but fill them up with Pink Plastic Coins and Plastic Gems to add that girly touch they need. There are even pink pirate accessories that the girls can dress up in as well as a Girl Pirate Photo Prop for them to take pictures with so they can always remember having fun as a pirate. Tell all of the guests to come in their best pirate attire and give your little girl a Pirate Girl Costume for her birthday. Make sure to also check out the article on How to Decorate for a Pirate Party for even more inspiration.

Luau Party for a Girl

Most kids love swimming and the beach and playing out in the sun, so why not throw your little girl her very own Luau themed birthday party? This is another party that will be girly, but still friendly towards boys and they won’t be overwhelmed by pink and more pink. You can easily transform the room into an underwater world by decorating with the Underwater Insta Theme and decorating the backdrops with the Mermaid Props and Coral Reef Props. You could also use the Luau Insta Theme to keep the kids on the beach and not under water. You can decorate with pretty much any Luau Decoration for this event, just make sure to keep the decorations fun. Add a creative touch by decorating with fish netting, which comes in pink for a girly touch and light sheer fabrics to create a water appearance.

Mermaid Props

Another option would be to hold the party outside in a backyard so that your landscaping can do the decorating for you. Dressing up is a large part of little kids’ parties and a luau makes that simple with all of the Grass Skirts and Leis they can cover themselves with. Give the girls, and boys if they want, a little hula lesson so they can dance the afternoon away and burn off any energy from the luau inspired sweets. Serve a snack like tuna fish sandwich bites and chips, but top off the meal with luau cupcakes and candies in the shape of fish and flowers.

60's Hippie Birthday Party for a Girl

The peace signs have made a comeback and seems like they are here to stay. Sure they no longer have exactly the same meaning but little girls have seemed to attach to the bright colors associated with them. Browse the 60's Hippie category to find decorations and supplies that inspire you like the Funky Peace Beads and the Showers of Flowers Cascade Centerpiece. Both of these pieces are designed with bright colors that will grab the girls’ attention as they enter the party.

Hippie Bus Photo Prop

The beads are also great for letting the girls dress up like hippies, especially if you give them some bandannas as well. Set up a table covered in retro flowers and flower and peace sign shaped cookies. Let the girls decorate their own cookies and also have them all take pictures behind the Hippie Bus Photo Prop so that they have plenty of party favors to take home with them. Another fun activity, as long as supervised and the kids are in late elementary school, is tie-dye. Ask each guest to bring a white t-shirt they want to tie-dye and help them all make the best tie-dyed t-shirt ever.

Sure little girls will spend a lot of time playing with their dolls, but play dolls with her and see if you can figure out the activities the dolls partake in. This will help you discover what interests your daughter if dolls are the only thing she ever plays with. For instance, if the doll spends a lot of time going to the beach, a luau party would be perfect and if the doll loves going on adventures then grab the doll a pirate outfit and throw your daughter a girl pirate party. The options are endless and your little girl is bound to love the party no matter the theme, even if it isn't princess.

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