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Midnight in Paris Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape

How To

Looking for a unique decoration for a Prom? How about a new theme for your New Year's Eve party? This Midnight in Paris Tablescene will add a fun and romantic vibe to your parties and social events. To create this scene, cover your table with the Black and Gold Plastic Tablecover. Decorate the table with three Glittered 3D Eiffel Tower Centerpieces, then add Gold Fanci-Fetti Stars for added accents. On the wall behind the table, hang up a Starry Night Backdrop using tape or push pins. Using the Gold Custom Banner Kit, cut out the words, "Midnight in Paris", and stick those to the backdrop. Accentuate the letters and the backdrop using Gold Metallic Star Cutouts. Lastly, on either side of the backdrop, hang up a Jointed Column Pull Down Cutout to finish this fabulous foreign table scene!