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Martian Man-hunter Lantern

Party Cheap Items:

Other Items:

  • Green, Yellow and Red Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue

How To

Create this epic green Martian Man-Hunter Lantern for your superhero party! Start by first assembling one of the green paper lanterns by following the directions on the paper lantern package. Once it's set up tie some of the clear wire included in the package to the paper lantern. Next cutout a circle of the yellow construction paper, then a slightly smaller circle green circle. Next, using the red construction paper cut out a red 'X' to fit in the green circle. Once you have the two circles and the red x. Glue the red x onto the green circle and the green circle onto the yellow circle. Once they have dried tape them to the green lantern and hang! If you are planning to hang the lantern on the wall then hang the starry night back drop up on any wall and secure it with tacks or tape. Then finish by hanging the lantern in front of it.