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Mariachi Band Fiesta Centerpiece Ideas

Fiesta Centerpiece

Additional Items:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Metal Bucket
  • Tall Vase

Heres How We Did It:

For the base of the centerpiece, we took a metal bucket and layered the inside with tissue paper to give it a Mexican flower effect. Then we placed a tall vase in the center of the bucket to hold the Felt Spanish Hat. Next, we took our Mariachi Band Cutouts and bent the cutouts at the waist and the knees so the band looks like they are sitting on the rim of the hat. Once you are done, wrap the bottom of the bucket with our Tequila Time Party Tape so your guests know that its time to get the party started! This centerpiece will look great at any Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo Celebration! No matter what kind of party supplies or other decorations you are in need of we've got you covered right here! We're PartyCheap.com and we know how to party!