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Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Party Cheap Items:

Additional Items:

  • Tape
  • Glass Vase
  • Scissors

How To

The first thing to do when making this Mardi Gras Mask Tablescape is to create the backdrop that will be behind your table. You can create this simple backdrop by taking your purple, green, and golden yellow crepe paper and cutting them into long strips. Tape up the strips of crepe paper on the wall behind your table, alternating the colors. After you create the backdrop, you can focus on making your table look great. Start out by putting the purple rectangular tablecover down on the table that you're planning to decorate. Next, sprinkle some of your gold holographic stars confetti down on the table. Add some fun party favors for your guests to take home by spreading out some mardi gras beads and gold plastic coins at the front of the table. Then, take only the green and purple martini shot glasses out of the package of lime green, pink, and purple martini shot glasses. Using alternating colors, place these shot glasses in a line at the back of the table. Next, create your own fun centerpiece by taking your glass vase and filling it with some mardi gras beads. Finally, top off the entire look by taking the Majestic Fanci-Feather Mask and leaning it against the bead centerpiece that you've created.