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Mardi Gras Party Favors & Table Decoration Ideas

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How To

Why not create a beautiful display at Mardi Gras this year with the party favors instead of worry to pass them out at the door or leaving them in a boring box! Or this festive set up would also look great to display for decoration on any table. With this lovely party favor display guests at the party will be impressed! To begin to create this simply decide what table to cover that is closest to the entrance of your party so guests won't miss the opportunity to take a mask and beads! First, cover the table with our gold table cover and smooth out all the wrinkles. Next open our Mardi Gras Cascade Centerpiece and follow the directions on the package for proper assembly. Once the centerpiece is opened and set up place the centerpiece directly in the center of the table. Next, take the Mardi Gras round beads and the Instrument beads and even distribute the colors and different beads on either side of the centerpiece. Then take some of the confetti and spread it around the beads. Next, take these three different masks that we suggest or others like our Ultimate Fancy Feather Mask or our Bronze Glitter Mask. Any will be sure to add to the party! Guests at the party will love this display and the favors!