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luau party ideasIdeas for a Luau Party

So you want to host a luau party but you don't even know where to start. Well you have come to the right place because we love coming up with unique luau party ideas. Hey, don't get us wrong. There is nothing better sipping a tropical drink and than seeing how low you can go in a classic limbo contest. But we also like to mix and match our limbo decorations with other party themes and categories to create one-of-a-kind limbo events.

How to Decorate for a Luau Party

So, first things first. You have to decorate for a luau party to get everyone in the luau spirit. Check out our decorations for a luau party if you want to view all of our great colorful luau decorations. You can decide to go as big as you dare when decorating for a luau with inflatable palm trees, grass table skirting, and floral door curtains that will help your guests feel like they are leaving the real world behind and stepping into a tropical luau paradise. To really make decorating for a luau party stress free, pick up the Luau Decorating Kit which includes all of the decorations you will need to decorate two to three rooms (depending on size) for a luau theme party. Your mind will think of many ways to use this luau decorating ideas in your home or office.

Welcome to the Jungle

Let your guests go a little bananas by bringing some Jungle decorations into your Luau party theme. In tropical climates the jungle is right next to the beach, so why not combine the two. The easiest way to transform your entire room into a jungle is by putting up the Jungle Scene Setter decorations. This set of jungle backdrops and tropical animal props will totally transform your room into a deep green tropical rainforest, which just happens to be a perfect place for a luau party!

Luau Baby Shower

Apparently so many people wanted to have a luau theme baby shower a company actually started making Hula Baby shower decorations. Instead of using the classic blue or pink baby shower decorations, you can now host a luau baby pink luau baby showershower theme with the help of these luau baby streamers and Luau Baby Shower Invitations. Pick up a box of colorful luau leis to hand out to every guest and you are well on your way to hosting a non-boring baby shower.

The best part of throwing a luau theme baby shower, is that you can reuse all of the luau decorations for your next luau party (unlike all of those pastel pink teddy bears you are stuck with after the girl baby shower). Everything from raffia table skirting to the Aloha banners can be used again for your next luau theme party. Maybe a luau graduation event?

Luau Party Games

Of course every luau party needs a limbo game. The classic game of limbo is a cross of competition and dancing line. Pick up the Limbo Kit if you want an authentic limbo set made of bamboo, and it even includes a CD of limbo music. If you are a more relaxed limbo crowd and don't really plan on testing the power of gravity, you may want to try the inflatable limbo set. This limbo kit is soft so when you can't go any lower, the inflatable limbo stick will be very forgiving. Another fun luau party is the Tiki Idol Bean Toss game. Stand this tiki idol up in the corner and toss bean bag into his mouth for a lighthearted game. You could also bounce ping pong balls into his mouth if you wanted an adult drinking version of a luau game. And since we mentioned drinking and tiki idols, you really need to grab some plastic tiki tumblers to serve up an authentic luau beverage to your game playing guests.

Luau Party Food

A traditional Hawaiian luau is held on a beach where they serve up tropical drinks and often a pig roast. Well since you aren't on the beach, we will let you pass on the pig roast. So make the next best thing, pigs-in-a-blanket. Or hot dogs would do just as well. Also make sure you serve up lots of tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango, coconut along with some beach inspired drinks with little umbrellas in them to help your guest fantasize that they are actually on a beach getting ready to do the limbo.
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